Tony Odisho Fusoon Extensions


I would love to talk extensions with you!  There is just something about long full luscious hair... There are so many routes and options for extensions that you can take! 

▪︎Fusion▪︎3-4 hours▪︎ Typically 4 bundles for a whole head of extensions

▪︎Tape in ▪︎ 1-2 hours ▪︎ Typically 4 bundles for a whole head of extensions

▪︎Clip in ▪︎lesson on wearing and haircut to blend required

For fusion and tape in extensions, I charge hourly $100, plus the cost of the hair. It all depends on what your hair is like (type, density, desired outcome) as well as how long you want to wear them. I put average times next to the extension type for you to give you an idea of service pricing.

For clip in extensions, you would pay for the hair ($100-$200) plus $75 for a lesson where I teach you how to put them in, take them out, care for them and how to style them as well as a cut to blend them properly with your hair.

Tape in Hair pricing:
16 in $66 per bundle
20 inch $73 per bundle
Can can be re-taped three times
Lasts 6 to 8 weeks

Fusion Hair pricing:
16 in $50 per bundle
20in $54 per bundle
24in $65 per bundle
Lasts 5 to 6 months
Hair cannot be reapplied

(Curly extensions ▪︎ additional cost per bundle)


Extension Removal $50/hour

Lots of details and choices! I offer a complementary consultation that only takes about 30 minutes at most to match hair color, go over any questions you may have and create the perfect plan for your hair! BOOK NOW and choose extension consultation for your service. This is required before any extension. Service is performed, must be a minimum of 2 days prior to desired extension service date for hair to arrive.

I look so forward to working with you and creating your dream hair!